The Cingo Gap

Filling the gap between Compliance, IT, and Cybersecurity

The gap between Compliance, IT, and Cybersecurity represents a significant challenge for organizations seeking to maintain a secure and legally compliant environment. These three critical aspects of business operations often operate in separate silos, leading to potential misunderstandings, misalignments, and vulnerabilities.

One of the primary causes of this gap is the distinct focus and objectives of each department. Compliance teams concentrate on meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring the organization’s adherence to laws and industry standards. On the other hand, IT departments prioritize maintaining efficient and smooth technology operations, while Cybersecurity teams are primarily concerned with safeguarding digital assets from cyber threats. Cingo has over a decade of experience in these areas and can make sure these areas in your business are running smoothly.

Cingo Solutions is a SIEM-level, SOC-certified Cybersecurity and Compliance company. We specialize in enforcing compliant Technological Business Operations and high-scale MSSP work.

Most clients save 15-20% on true IT costs.
How much can Cingo save you?

Cingo Solutions is a trusted security partner in essential industries, such as Financial- Bank, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Accounting, E-commerce, Legal, and Manufacturing. Non-Compliance is not an
option for any business.

Most clients save 15-20% on True IT costs – how much can Cingo save you? We differ from MSPs and IT by constantly working to save your organization money and provide the best service.

Cingo finishes the Gap by supplying the highest level of cybersecurity offered in the market. We are in the business of protecting your business from cyber crime.


Our non-partial and SOC2 certified team will spend one week on site assessing your company’s cybersecurity, compliance, HR, IT, IT Expenses, Insurance, and SOP’s.

If no violations are found, your findings are free! In the case of violations, payment and
protection plans will be discussed.