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SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 is an auditing procedure performed by a licensed CPA to assure a third-party vendor manages a company's data in compliance with the company's requirements. Cingo stops at nothing to protect a client’s data and, as such, has obtained SOC 2 certification. By complying with SOC 2 standards, Cingo's MDR products are an advantage over the majority of other MIT companies. Cingo also offers risk-adjusted pricing to allow affordable security support for small and midsized companies.

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Cingo Protects ®

Our Cingo Protects ® is the foundation of our commitment to you. We believe in a complete and holistic approach to technical security. We seek extraordinary detail in our security concept which enables us to be incredibly versatile in the execution of our platform. This approach has resulted in systems which are adaptive to any industry. With Cingo Protects®, you can rest assured that every day will be business as usual.

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Network Security

Your network is the most at risk part of your IT infrastructure. Individual endpoints can experience thousands of internet interactions daily, increasing the possibility of phishing email targets, malware abuses, etc. Learn how Cingo Solutions can keep your network safe.

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Server Security

For many businesses, server environments store the vast majority of data the company works from everyday and represents their life blood. Cingo Solutions utilizes advance proprietary software to add security and notify us of most potential risks before they become a breach.

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Email Security

Cingo Solutions Email Security program offers multiple levels of protection. Sandbox detonation of suspicious emails, advanced filtering systems, as well as employee training and ongoing testing.

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Cingo Solutions specializes in Managed Detection and Response, and is not solely a Managed Service Provider.

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Texas Government Hack: More Proof that Cybersecurity Protocol Is Essential

In a hack that is still ongoing, the state of Texas has confirmed that at least 23 government organizations have been infected with ransomware. This has paralyzed email accounts and payment portals, likely exposed significant private data and is yet another reminder that you can never be too vigilant in cybersecurity ...

Big Threats in Small Packages: The Dangers of Plugging in USB Drives

A USB is a helpful piece of small equipment that allows you to copy and store information. Some call it a flash or a thumb drive and while the intention for this compact tool was convenience (who doesn’t want to have access to what could amount to stacks and stacks of ...

Client Testimonials

Eryn Rhoades

Cingo is an amazing company to work with. They are friendly but still professional. They're turn around time is quick. They do a great job of taking a request, ensuring they understand what is being asked of them and producing above expectations. Love these guys!!!

Chelsea Anderson

The IT support with Cingo Solutions is wonderful. I have had a variety of questions for them and I always get an answer that comes back quickly and very helpful. I know that no matter how odd or difficult an issue I am having, they will be able to resolve it. Their professionalism is appreciated and their knowledge of different electronic systems is widespread.

Scott Finch

Cingo has been great to deal with! We are a small company and have our own specialized procedures that we like to do in our day to day business. Tony has been more than willing to bend over backwards learning the systems/programs we have and what needs to be done for security purposes while making it as similar to our normal processes as possible. It has been great to know our data is being kept secure.

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