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Cingo Protects®

Cybersecurity is multi-faceted and ever evolving which means a single action like protecting only email or only the network is not a sufficient or effective security strategy. This is why we created Cingo Protects, a proprietary software system covering 12 security points to ensure your business is protected from every angle. By choosing Cingo Protects®, our clients are able to consolidate multiple IT vendors into one standard monthly service.

By covering these security points, Cingo is creating an inclusive Security Solution that surrounds your business and the sensitive, valuable data that it runs on. It is essential that all of these items were secure; if one was left unsecure, it would be as if we built the Great Wall of China around your data and forgot to close the gate.

Cingo Protects is specifically designed to work in alignment with your internal IT team to supplement traditional, and often lacking, in-house IT capabilities and provide highly advanced and essential Cyber Security. A minimum of 5 Cingo team members assigned to your account will be monitoring, implementing and available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cingo Protects PLUS

Cingo Protects PLUS®

Would you prefer to have Cingo handle your internal IT as well as the Cyber Security? We are at your service and have built out Cingo Protects® Plus to help fulfill on your needs.

Cingo Protects® Plus includes all of the coverage of Cingo Protects as well as all of the support and training that would be performed by an in-house IT professional PLUS the addition of our proprietary Cingo Protects® Cyber Security coverage.

Cingo Protects COMPLIANCE

Cingo Protects COMPLIANCE®

Cingo Solutions' team of experts specialize in working with regulatory bodies to bring businesses tech policies and processes into compliance. We have experience in regulation relating to fiduciaries, healthcare professionals, and accountants. If your company is looking to improve their compliance rating as it pertains to IT, Cingo Compliance products would be a valuable tool to get your company back on track.

Cingo Protects SERVERS

Cingo Protects SERVERS®

Cingo Solutions Servers is our offering covering a wide range of server environments for our clients. Ranging from VOIP servers to Secure File Storage to Custom Software environments.