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Texas Government Hack: More Proof that Cybersecurity Protocol Is Essential

In a hack that is still ongoing, the state of Texas has confirmed that at least 23 government organizations have been infected with ransomware. This has paralyzed email accounts and payment portals, likely exposed significant private data and is yet another reminder that you can never be too vigilant in cybersecurity best practices. 


Ransomware is a malicious cyberattack that renders devices like computers useless until the requested ransom is paid and is dangerous because it can get into a system from multiple access points. This makes it a common and attractive tactic of cybercriminals. In our blog post The True Cost of Ransomware, we explain that cost of ransomware is more than just how much ransom a hacker is asking for but the cost of retrieving lost data, loss of business while unable to access important files and even the loss of customers from the breach itself.


While Texas officials are not releasing full information on how long the ransomware has been at work or what information has been compromised, this attack is another example of why every organization MUST be vigilant in their cybersecurity practices. It's easy to think that your organization can't be a target but if global conglomerates like Marriott or government institutions who, one would assume have invested heavily in cybersecurity can be attacked, this means it's even more important for the rest of us to have a plan in place and consistently implement strategies to limit our vulnerabilities.







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