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Who's Listening? Protect your privacy while benefiting from IoT

Simple two-word phrases give Google Home permission to record your conversations. While Google defends its practice of having workers monitor queries by listening in, a leak of 1,000 voice recordings to a media outlet have users questioning the integrity and safety of Google Assistant Devices. VRT news shockingly reported that “in the recordings, we could clearly hear addresses and other sensitive information- this made it easy for us to find the people involved and confront them with the audio recordings.”


While the usage of IoT devices can improve the efficiency of life, there is grave danger in users not being educated on how to protect themselves. While Google stated it will try to prevent future leaks, there are preventive measures to learn and utilize that provide a wall of privacy while still enjoying the benefit of smart devices. It’s essential to do your research when considering what devices to bring into your home so you can take the necessary steps to maximize their benefit while protecting your privacy.



Amazon, Google, and Apple all have employees who listen to real-life smart conversations for innovation. In fact, Amazon confirmed it holds onto every conversation ever had with Alexa devices unless you specifically delete them. Simple research of your smart devices can give you an understanding of how much privacy you have (or don’t have) and what steps exist to protect your information.



While there are many incidents where cybersecurity is needed, it takes education and action by end-user in order to truly impact your personal internet security.  Here are several valuable links for our readers to start on the road of cybersecurity self-defense:



We don’t believe that companies should ever be able to record through their devices without consent but we do understand that IoT companies need to source data for quality improvement. When end-users take responsibility and are proactive in protecting themselves and companies are transparent about their information-gathering tactics, smart devices can have the maximum benefit for everyone involved.


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