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Why Cingo

Why Cingo®

Phishing Security

Phishing Security - We proactively filter, engage and destroy all emails that pose a threat, not only for phishing, but for spear-phishing as well.

Mobile Device Security Management

Mobile Device Security Management - All endpoint devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones) are monitored and give you the ability to erase and burn completely in case of loss or theft.

Network Security

Network Security - The central nervous system of the I.T. infrastructure is where our products really shine, with custom firewalls and other security measures developed and implemented according to your need.

Server Security & Authentication

Server Security & Authentication - Through our standards of security, we establish boundaries that only allow authorized personnel to access authorized information at an authorized time.

Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing - File Sharing is a necessary part of daily business. We provide solutions for the safe transfer of sensitive information.

Employee Security Training

Employee Security Training - The most vulnerable point in a secure environment is the user. No matter how robust of a wall we build, if a user opens the front door to a threat, the wall is irrelevant.

Secure Email Standards

Secure Email Standards - Regardless of the industry, or the information being sent, you are able to define the parameters that encrypt the sensitive data you want kept safe.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security - Leading security standards are monitored and maintained on each endpoint device, reducing risk through the users “front door.”


Anti-Malware - There is not one solution for malware, but a combination of the multiple products and services we offer, depending upon your situation.

Big Data Encryption

Big Data Encryption - Whether your data is in transit or stationary, dual, or higher, encryption is implemented and protects your information.

Secure Data Archiving

Secure Data Archiving - Cold storage and backups ensure that all data is dual and triple archived in the event of loss.

Consistent Overall System Analysis

Consistent Overall System Analysis - With our software constantly monitoring and reporting the overall health of the system, we react to possible compromises in real time, and implement a resolution.

Why Cingo

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Your network is the most at risk part of your IT infrastructure. Individual endpoints can experience thousands of internet interactions daily, increasing the possibility of phishing email targets, malware abuses, etc. Learn how Cingo Solutions can keep your network safe.



Your network is the most at risk part of your IT infrastructure. Individual endpoints can experience thousands of internet interactions daily, increasing the possibility of phishing email targets, malware abuses, etc. Learn how Cingo Solutions can keep your network safe.



Your network is the most at risk part of your IT infrastructure. Individual endpoints can experience thousands of internet interactions daily, increasing the possibility of phishing email targets, malware abuses, etc. Learn how Cingo Solutions can keep your network safe.




MANAGED IT SERVICE PROVIDERS generally provide technical advice and support for functional needs relating to a company’s day-to-day operations such as printer maintenance, software updates, VOIP telephone system support, hardware maintenance and technical vendor management, to name a few. MIT providers often are engaged to outsource the job of an internal IT department to a third-party vendor, either an individual with limited capability or a larger entity with a group of specialists who can maintain the company’s IT and security at a higher level and for lower cost than a team of employees.


MANAGED DETECTION & RESPONSE such as Cingo offer MIT with the addition of specialized data security services. MDR’s develop advanced, proprietary internal software with security processes to constantly monitor systems for attempts to breach clients’ security. Software alarms record both thwarted and successful attempts to breach systems and notify MDR teams to take appropriate action. MDR’s must constantly innovate to modify and expand their systems to meet the challenges of resourceful, savvy thieves and growing threats.




For officers and managers of businesses who must take electronic security seriously, SOC 2 compliance is generally a minimum requirement when considering outsourcing IT services. Developed by the American Institute of CPAs, SOC 2 defines criteria for securely managing customer data.

Cingo Solutions has shown it's desire to meet the highest standards of data system management and control. We keep our customers' trust as we maintain their information systems in secure and confidential environments. To show Cingo’s commitment to excellent service, our customer service desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with an emergency response team always ready to meet the challenges the current information security environment poses.

SOC 2 certification is provided by external auditors who assess the extent to which a vendor complies with five principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. As a part of developing long-term relationships with our clients, Cingo manages customer data in accordance with SOC 2 standards. For more information about our certification, please contact us toll free at 833-246-4648.


Cingo Solutions is a provider of technical security, MDR, MIT and IT consulting founded in 2005 in the southwestern United States. We service businesses in multiple industries. Our success is the result of security solutions known by our clients to be flexible, responsive and adaptive.

Cingo monitors your electronic information environment 24/7/365 for threats, alerting you when necessary and quickly responding to cyber incidents. We generally prevent data compromises, ransomware and malware situations BEFORE they can cause harm.

Each Cingo client is assigned a security team (all located in the USA) who are available when you need them — anytime, anywhere. Whether working late to complete a last-minute bid or doing business abroad, Cingo assures your technical systems are working to support you. Working with Cingo puts an entire security team at your fingertips. A team leader and a minimum of 5 additional team members are assigned to every account and are available 24/7.

Cingo clients include small, one location businesses and national companies with multiple offices in all US time zones. Cingo supports highly advanced technical communication and compatibility issues. As the threat of data security breaches increases each year, Cingo invests heavily in new development and is committed to keeping our clients safe by investing and working to stay ahead of emerging threats from information thieves.

Cingo’s proprietary software platforms have been reviewed by compliance regulatory authorities and have facilitated millions of annual transactions for companies in the financial industry. Our security systems have been shown to be secure, robust and generally imperceptible to the employees and systems they monitor. Dual encryption is standard as are regular testing of employees to determine if one or more would not follow Cingo training in allowing incursions or opening client systems to attack.




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The financial services industry is held to some of the most stringent security requirements in the country. For over a decade Cingo Solutions has specialized in servicing and developing effective software to keep these companies safe from malware and cyber-attacks that would put their sensitive data at risk. Our platforms have undergone intense scrutiny by both state and federal compliance regulatory reviews resulting in our SOC2 certification. This positions us to provide the security enabling financial service companies to operate at the highest level of fiduciary responsibility. Cingo’s custom application systems are secure, robust and highly functional to maximize the protection of data and, ultimately, their clients on all fronts.

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Professional Services information, with vast amounts of “identity” data, has an undeniable appeal to cybercriminals. Companies with less than $50M in revenue were the most impacted [by cyber attacks], accounting for 47% of the claims. Smaller firms tend to have inadequate security measures because they think they are too small, and are therefore off the radar, or they believe their security is sufficient. For dependable peace of mind, Cingo Solutions sets up an enterprise-class level of protection regardless of company size.

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Healtchcare also deals with high-value data, so it is not surprising that it is one of the top three industries targeted for cyber extortion, ransomware, data breaches, and more. In this industry, personal data breaches represent the highest number of incidents, some of which have the highest statistical costs per breach of any industry. Therefore, it is imperative that health-care providers enlist a company that offers technical security products and services that will not be compromised. Cingo provides real solutions for detecting and responding to all manner of cyber threats and network security.

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The Non-Profit sector is increasingly becoming a target for cyber attacks. Hackers have been identified as the most common Cause of Loss, followed by Malware / Virus, Ransomware / Cyber Extortion, and Staff Mistake. The rates of phishing attacks are on the increase across all industries. Total breach costs for claims submitted in 2014–2017 were $202M. Cingo Solutions holistically manages cyber risk. We believe managed detection and response is the superior methodology for protecting your data; our more proactive approach prevents attacks before they happen.

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Cingo Solutions builds IT infrastructure and security systems that adhere to standards set by state and federal compliance regulatory bodies.